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Another Day Another Latte

Another day another latte, I tried Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 3rd Ave in Portland today. My latte was very good, so I would definitely go back but I do not like that you have to pay to park downtown Portland. So I have to feed the parking meter before I feed my latte addiction or spend money at local businesses? That's lame. The parking downtown Portland is FREE on Sundays BEFORE 1 PM, so if/when I go back to Stumptown I will be there by noon. On a Sunday. I don't mind spending money but paying for parking to shop or eat doesn't feel right.

An underground tunnel leading down to the underbelly of Portland. Kind of creepy. I think these tunnels are called the Shanghai Tunnels. You can take a tour of them, I might have to do that.

Also there was a super blood wolf moon tonight with a lunar eclipse. I was hoping to see it, I saw the eclipse but no red moon. I took pics but nothing came out good. Of course.


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