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I went to a place called Broder Söder in Portland located inside Nordia House which is a place for Scandinavian things. ("Nordic Northwest is a nonprofit organization focused on the five Nordic nations: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The mission of Nordic Northwest is to preserve, communicate and celebrate Nordic culture, heritage and innovation" from At Broder Söder I had the Danish pancakes....reminded me of beignets. I don't know why the pancakes come with lingonberries....I never had pancakes served with lingonberries in Sweden. We (at least I) prefer to have my pancakes with a sweet jam like strawberry jam or mixed berries jam.

Me opening up the door to enter Nordia House - I really like these beautiful doors.

One of the best discoveries I have made in a long time, I found a place that could make me Prinsesstårta. !!!!!
That is like my FAVE dessert ever, I grew up eating it and one of the first things I eat when I arrive in Sweden, if not the first thing I eat, is Princesstårta. It is SO good. Baker & Spice made it for me and they did a good job but they could improve, I will give them some specific instructions, of the constructive kind, next time I order it.

Pretty yumminess!

I am not the only one loving this dessert. Check this out.....

And today I went to Papa Haydn and had Boccone Dolce. They have so many good desserts at Papa Haydn, this one is DELICIOUS!


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