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It's getting late.....I just ate a bowl of ice cream, whipped cream and a sliced banana. Had a late night craving for it.
I have spent the last few days studying. I recently started pursuing something new and it involves quite a bit of studying but that is all I have to say about that for now.
So.....about a month ago I went to the dentist. I have not been to the dentist in probably over a decade, yep over ten years for sure. So I had a check up and cleaning. No cavities and the cleaning was not bad, it was actually kind of fun. So when the actual dentist came into the room the dental assistant had already taken several X rays of my teeth and poked around in my mouth with dental instruments for a while. He sits down and asks if my wisdom teeth are giving me problems. I was like, no not at all.....why? So I guess the dental assistant had told him they probably should be pulled. He looked in my mouth and told her there is nothing wrong with my wisdom teeth and I would had definitely went for a second opinion had he agreed with her. Or just not done anything at all since my wisdom teeth don't bother me at all.
Here is what I think.....this is what some dental clinics do to generate more money. Tell people they need procedures that they really don't. This is, as most know not uncommon and there are cases of physicians that have order cancer treatments on healthy people. Like chemotherapy. Insurance fraud. Lots of income for the doctors.
A few years ago I took a friend to the dentist. She had Medicaid. The dentist pulled five teeth on her in ONE sitting. The four wisdom teeth and one more tooth. She was in and out of that place in 15 minutes. I was kind of shocked and very concerned when they rolled her out to me so I could take her home. I was like, "you pulled out all five teeth that fast?" He must have yanked those teeth out of her mouth. And later on that evening her mouth was bleeding so much that she had to go to the emergency room because she was in pain, her mouth was infected. That dentist office was basically a conveyer belt for dental procedures for low income patients. So wrong. Is it even safe to pull out that many teeth in one session? And that fast? It was a disturbing experience, I felt bad for my friend.
And now I am reading about a two year old that died a few days ago because some dentist had recommended a procedure that the child most likely did not need in the first place (the child needed crowns and root canals - for a toddler???) and that involved anesthesia and the boy never woke up. Unreal.
The complicated medical industry definitely needs a major overhaul. You want to trust the people that give you medical advise and care, you should not have to be worried about getting mislead due to some unethical greedy person wanting to cash in.


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