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Well.....Happy New Year everybody - 2019 is here. I started the morning of New Year's Eve with a vanilla latte, the last latte of 2018.

New Year's Eve was celebrated inside with food and friends, furry and human. It was fun and nice, I stayed up until 2 am and the first thing I ate after midnight was peppermint candy ice cream.
I got served breakfast in bed when I finally woke up because I am a real pillow princess, a cup of coffee and a bowl of blueberries and strawberries.

After lounging around the house and reading a bit....I am currently enjoying these three books by Jacqueline Frances, it was time for a walk on the beach. Hello 2019!

First sunset of the year.

Three pics of me from last year. Didn't the year go by fast, like always?

What can be said about 2018? I feel that it is becoming increasingly dangerous for women out there, where can one be safe? So many cases of absolutely senseless violence against women....all over the world. I used to want to explore the world and thought nothing of doing everything by myself. I don't know about that anymore. I rather be safe than sorry I guess.
As far as politics go....I agree with Noam Chomsky (what an interesting human he is!), "he characterizes the U.S. as a de facto one-party state, viewing both the Republican Party and Democratic Party as manifestations of a single "Business Party" controlled by corporate and financial interests." I think many feel the same way.
The last thing I ate today by the way was peppermint candy ice cream - ice cream what a yummy way to start and end the year.....

Here are a few more pics before the first day of the year is over.

I am hoping for a good year with positive personal growth and doing small things of niceness for others - animals, nature and humans. You know, in between just doing the regular everyday mostly mundane things that most of us have to do.


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