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Happy Thanksgiving

Try to only talk about fun and light topics and if you can't do that either because you are itching to loudly educate everyone about your views on politics and religion then sit your ass in front of the TV and get lost in that football game.
Do not traumatize you child or children and others with you violent drunken self, they probably have enough of that behavior already coming from you. Do not insult family members with your embarrassing "I am better than you all" attitude. Refrain from showing off your guns and bragging about them when intoxicated - nobody cares and nobody wants to get shot.
People that become violent when they drink should not drink at all. Many will probably have an upsetting day today due to somebody ruining Thanksgiving and often alcohol is involved but in the end it doesn't matter as long as everything looks PERFECT on social media!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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