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Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

It's Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday November 22 this year. A day when many eat until they can't button their pants, then eat some more, watch sports on TV and then hope to score some great deals shopping the following day also known as Black Friday. If you want a good time you should go to a Walmart on Black Friday, you might get trampled or times!
The whole traditional Thanksgiving story seems a bit misleading, the true history behind the Pilgrims and the Native Indians is somewhat different right? I am definitely not going to eat turkey but I do enjoy gorging myself on mashed potatoes and pie. Lots of pie. As long as it's not pumpkin pie - yuck.
I read an article in exotic and I thought it was so on point that I will share some of it here.
The article is called "Top 5 Things You Can't Talk About This Thanksgiving" and it's written by Brad Cox.

"Here we are again - celebrating the rape and pillage of native culture, but who cares, right? Because, turkey?
So, here is a fresh-as-fuck list of the five things you should not bring up at your family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.
1) Your Progressive Political Views (Or, Your Conservative Bullshit)
Here's the thing about politics: it's fucking stupid and your opinion is probably stupid, too. That shit is so complex, that even people with PhDs in political science don't tread on the entire spectrum of conversation. The chances are pretty fucking good, that if you are younger than thirty, your opinions are both ill-conceived and based on mostly emotions. Have you ever heard the saying, "Fuck how you feel?" Well, it's true - no one cares how you feel, other than you and your equally under-informed friends. I am just so tired of people screaming at each other via keyboards - abut economics and foreign policy - do you seriously think that you have even a basic idea of how that shit works? Because, you definitely don't, and it definitely annoys people who actually know enough to know that they don't know anything."

WORD! Brilliant! Especially the last sentence. Then the author of the article goes on about four other things you shouldn't talk about this Thanksgiving. Here is the article,
I too am tired of besserwissers pontificating their political beliefs. On one hand I think it is great that people talk to each other and discuss what is going on in the world, this is important AND necessary. I mean, I do the same here on my blog....over and over again I talk about how I feel about certain topics, including politics. But when somebody refuses to listen to a different side of things and is narrow minded....ugh. Just NO. All I know for sure is that I don't know everything and that you have to be kind to animals and refrain from harming innocent people.
One more thing, the three people that got murdered, shot at a hospital in Chicago yesterday won't be celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Another crazy man with a gun on a mission. Did he also "suffer" from PTSD like the dude
that shot and killed 12 people in California earlier this month supposedly "suffered" from. Yeah PTSD my ass, such bullshit.
So....HAPPY Thanksgiving ya'll! I am THANKFUL every day (well most days) for a lot.
Speaking of something positive, nature does unite us. So go for a walk and look at the beauty of nature. Just don't leave your trash behind, I am tired of picking up litter after selfish assholes.


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Tessa on :

I disagree, ppl do have trauma in their lives that one cannot fathom and it cause a person to have continuous problems with their life.


Yes people (some) do have traumas that affects their lives.
Not sure how the trauma/s would justify gunning down innocent people? Not sure what you mean here but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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