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A while ago I was in touch with a reporter from Argus Leader ( about my experiences of working at Frank Day's in Dallas South Dakota. It has been years since I danced there and I have written several blogs about both South and North Dakota (look in the blog's categories to read them). Since I haven't worked there for so long I felt like I couldn't give an input on how it is to work at Frank Day's nowadays, I therefore declined to answer questions about the current working conditions. I was there on two different occasions and although I did share some laughs, met other cool dancers and had fun moments, Frank Day's is NOT a place for me, so yes those are my words quoted and I stand by them.

I would not go back there. I prefer orderly clubs and non touching and yes those do exist.
I want to point out that I have worked in clubs where some touching is allowed and I decided to set my own boundaries when I first started dancing and I can honestly say that I have always stuck to them. My integrity, personal comfort and how I feel within myself outweighs monetary gain for me. I am also always sober at work and I do not hang out with men from the club after work. Throughout my years of dancing in various places I have seen things that I do not think belong in strip clubs but I have never witnessed or even heard of any girls being victims of sex trafficking. Does that exist? Probably. The no drinking and no drugs approach and also not hanging out with random people that I come across probably deter certain characters from approaching me in the first place. You know....I am not "fun" enough for them and of no use to them which is perfectly fine with me. I do have a life outside of the strip club. Just because certain things go on doesn't mean that you have to participate in them.
An online article written by Jeremy Fugleberg about Frank Day's recently came out with a mention of me and the blog.

I want to add that I did not leave Frank Day's early due to unsanitary conditions or too many expectations. I stayed for however long I was supposed to but I was counting down the days until my departure and I was very happy to leave that place.
I had one "unsanitary" experience and yes, the expectations from the men that go there do exist or as another girl, Whitney in the article says, “When there such high fees, girls are willing to do more there,” she said, “Girls are going to do ... a lot, in the back, you know? It really doesn’t surprise me, because fees are that high.”
I know that some dancers allow for more to happen, bend the rules and of course when there are high club fees and travel expensed etc there is more pressure to make that back plus a profit. It gets old and also annoying when you constantly decline hanging out afterwards at some hunting lodge or repeatedly during lap dances explain that NO you cannot touch there or there. What is normal at Frank Day's would not be normal at most clubs. The sign hanging behind the bar, "No Wives Ranch Corporate Headquarters" basically says it all. Yeah, the boys will be boys mindset is definitely present at Frank Day's. Many hungry men in there wanting to party all night and have no problems with attempting to cheat on their significant other. Then they go back home and pretend that they are "good boys"- hypocrites! The only two people I think about that I met at Frank Day's is very nice older gentleman named Bud that worked there and another nice hunting guide, Edward.
I very much enjoyed talking to them.
Shelley Day is running a business, I do not want to support her kind of business because it is not for me. To each their own. I have nothing bad to say about Shelley as a person.
There are two (so far) comments on the article in Argus Leader and one dude, Matt Eberhard writes, "This is without a doubt THE dumbest article I’ve ever read. The writer was either stoned or mentally challenged. First of all, EVERY place that rents weekly is $300 dollars in South Dakota. Im a landlord- I own rentals and that’s the weekly going rate (call ANY motel). They should be happy to pay the going rate and be able to just walk 20 feet to the bar instead of taking a cab. Secondly, “human trafficking”??? Seriously? Strippers are now human trafficking? What drug are you on dude?
All these girls have one thing in common: Every one of them are too lazy and irresponsible to work a regular job. And if you had to HIRE them you would understand why they are made to pay deposit so they can’t just up and quit in the middle of the week as so many are prone to doing.
This article is concocted crap. Whoever wrote it has a skewed sense of what human trafficking really is. Misleading the country into thinking there’s all these poor girls being kidnapped or something when in reality it’s just lazy irresponsible money hungry females showing off their bodies and partying nightly instead of waiting tables."

I am not going to respond to Matt online at Argus Leader since I have no interest in going the Facebook route, instead I will do it here.
Matt....judging you from your comment it is YOU that is either dumb, stoned, mentally challenged or all three combined. I gladly paid $40/night for a motel in Gregory instead of staying in Shelley's trailer because I wanted my privacy, I also thought that her trailer was unsafe the first time I was there, therefore I arranged for other accommodations. Plus it's a SHARED TRAILER, not a motel. Dancers are independent contractors therefore we are allowed to leave whenever we want to. Forcing anybody to stay against their will would be highly illegal. Demanding money upfront and not wanting to return it should a dancer want to leave for whatever reason is in my opinion not OK. As far dancers being lazy and irresponsible, that is your opinion. You have made a judgement on all dancers, so I will now judge you based on your comment. You are probably a narrow minded good ole' boy, somewhat having anger issues and slight rape tendencies the way you talk about women as being hungry and showing off their bodies. Shame on those strippers! You mention partying, something that you probably do yourself. I do not "party" and I have managed to hold down "normal" jobs and performed the responsibilities required. I am also a home owner and current on all my bills, so as far as being responsible, I could be the poster child for responsible. I know....a responsible stripper, what an anomaly! I also know several other dancers that got their lives on track, some went on to having good careers after dancing and no I am not talking waiting tables here, not that there is anything wrong with that.
If you Matt would had understood the article it doesn't say that the dancers (or strippers as you say) at Frank Day's are sex traffic victims, the two girls interviewed for the article deny having seen anything that would indicate that at Frank Day's. It talks about that there is a presence of sex trafficking in South Dakota, especially during the Sturgis rally and hunting season. That is a fact.

This article has already started to spread in dancer circles. Some girls think that dancing at Frank Day's is great and others do not agree. Everybody will have a different experience.
Now to another place I worked at back in 2014 that made several headlines, The Wild Alaskan (also found in my blog's categories) a strip club boat in the harbor of Kodiak Island Alaska. This was a GREAT idea but the boat is no longer operating.

I recently ran into one of the girls that I worked with when I was there and she told me that her plus three other girls had some not so great experiences with Darren Byler after I was long gone. I told Darren a few times when I was on the boat that he really needed to deal with the girls and situations in a different manner but I guess things just escalated and got out of control.

EDIT . I guess an article about this is out in print as well. I just found out when a friend sent me three photos of the pages from the newspaper, here is one of the pages.


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