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Did you have a fun and scary Halloween?

So I wanted to go to four haunted houses in Portland for Halloween but ended up going to two. First of all I got here a day later than I planned on initially, then I decided that one of them (Milburn's Haunted Mansion) was too far away. Then another one, The 13th Door had "Flashlight Terror" night one of the nights I wanted to go, meaning dark and since I already did a dark one and was disappointed I skipped on that.
I went to Fearlandia one night and it was OK. Not great and not bad.....just OK. I also went to House Of Shadows which is a full contact one, meaning the "actors" can grab, shove and throw you around = FUN! Last year that one was my fave out of the haunted houses I went to so I was very much looking forward to it this year. The night I went they had a "Blackout" meaning all you got was an inch long glow stick and you were thrown into the darkness, literally. It started out great, I had to crawl through a narrow tunnel with zero visibility but after that it was kind of MEH. It seemed like they thought that the darkness was scary enough and all they did was grab you and scream in your face, not enough effort and not enough scary visuals. I wont 't do a dark haunted house again. Last year the regular House Of Shadows was much better. Besides "Blackout" House Of Shadows also had a scary topless burlesque haunt but I have seen thousands of titties and I have zero interest in gawking at those.

I did find all this change while waiting in line one evening....I get super excited when I find change, even a penny. Also, check out my blood blister on my finger! I never had one of those before.

Such pretty colors this time of year.

A view.

I just finished my latte here at Prosperity Pie Shoppe. I am staying in Portland for a few more days.


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