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Last Blockbuster In America

Guess where the last Blockbuster in the whole of America is located? Bend Oregon! It's kind of a big deal, all kinds of memorabilia is being sold and a movie is planned. And people come from all over to take pics in front of the LAST operating Blockbuster. I took a pic of a couple that are on a months long road trip all the way from New York state and they made sure to stop in Bend to get a pic in front of Blockbuster. Of course I have pics in front of it as well.....! ;-)

Doesn't the guy with the sunglasses resemble Corey Feldman back in the day?

Some of my personal faves.....

Perhaps I should be in the movie? OF COURSE I SHOULD! :-)

Some of the last Blockbuster locations to get closed down were located in Anchorage and Kenai, located in Alaska for those who do not know. I rented movies from both locations since I lived in both......


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