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To Las Vegas And Back

Let me tell you about this last week that I spent traveling to Las Vegas and back.....
But first, today is the one year anniversary of the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas. This is the cover of this week's Las Vegas Weekly. Part of the Strip will be dark for a moment this evening in remembrance of the victims. What can I say about something like this? Nothing. I feel bad of course, it is just so wrong.

On the way to Vegas I stopped in McDermitt located on the Nevada Oregon state line, to fill up the car with gas, while there I visited a very interesting place and talked a bit to a person with many stories to tell, White Buffalo. Make sure to stop there if you go through McDermitt, well worth it.

When in Vegas I noticed these kinds of surveillance cameras in different locations, I have never seen them before.

Spent one fun evening on Fremont Street where people of all kinds of backgrounds get along and have a good time. If you are ever down and out or want an exciting career change you can start busking down on Fremont Street, where even men can get decent tips for showing some skin....perhaps a gig for you?

I am not sure if these guys are for hire for their "services" they are boasting about? I did not inquire. Perhaps inspiration for a t-shirt for you?

I could not believe it when three songs by Linking Park played on the Viva Vision, Chester was singing with his amazing voice above me. WOW! ❤︎

More art from Burning Man has found a home in Las Vegas, this time one of the giant puppets. Pretty!

A mural that I liked.

I found five cents outside a CVS.....great success!

Under the lights of The Plaza.

Took the babies to Red Rock.

Showgirl Video.....

You have to support the working ladies.

Took a tour of the Alien Cathouse located in Amargosa Valley (Nye County), my first ever brothel tour. Got guided around the premises by a nice girl, Allie that told us it was her first time working in a brothel, she was two weeks into a three week stay. What else can I recall....she said it costs $20/day in "rent" for the girls to stay (at this particular location), the first month (or stay) is free and you have your own room and bathroom, with TV and WiFi included of course. The kitchen is shared and the meals are free. The rooms were nice and comfortable and there was a gym area. Allie loved it there and was planning on moving down to Las Vegas from Washington state on her next time off to be closer to her new place of employment. And she was very happy with her choice of work and she said she did plenty of research before making a decision about it. She seemed nice and I wish her the best of luck.
There were a few other ladies present during our visit. The Alien Cathouse used to be under the ownership of Dennis Hof but has a new owner since a few months now.

The car forest in Goldfield.....a small town full of things to see.

Stokes castle in Austin.

And I got back to my destination in Oregon this morning. I am already planning another trip to Nevada to do some more exploring sometime next year.....


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