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Got Out

I got out from the playa and Burning Man.....I got back home yesterday early evening. I have a lot of pictures to go through....even my Mom asked me when my Burning Man pics will be up and I told her that it will be a while. I need sleep, a bath, I have stuff to take care of, do and unpack and wash because I am now back in the default world now. What is the "default world"? It is, according to Burning Man community, "the rest of the world that is not Black Rock City during the Burning Man event". To learn more Burning Man glossary check this out
I still have my Burning Man hair though....I might keep it a fe more days. So give me a while and the Burning Man 2018 pics will be up! :-D
As always it is over way too fast.

My new necklace and my Burning Man manicure.

And when I checked my email last night, my phone was set to airplane mode for the whole duration of my burn, I saw this beautiful poem that a friend wrote to me.
How sweet! Thank You! I appreciate YOU!

I hope your adventure is all good vibe.
Amongst all the desert souls in your tribe.
I wish your soul soar high with excellent lift.
Your love, and your passion, is your gift.


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Come to Burning Man!

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