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Running Loose

Yesterday while driving around swamped with a ton of stuff to do I saw a dog running loose. A lost dog. I can't just continue driving and leave a dog on its own where it can get hurt so I pulled over and tried to get the dog to come up to me. The dog was scared but after a few tries I managed to put my sarong around her collar. She was wearing a collar with no tag. Since I was quite busy she had to ride along with me for a few hours and she seemed to be OK with that. She laid down and relaxed. Later on I had to drop her off at the Humane Society. I hope things work out for her, she is a very sweet and well behaved dog. Situations like these are difficult. I hope the owner comes forward but her toenails were long and her teeth were in rather bad condition, in fact when I gave her a treat it looked like she was uncomfortable chewing. Perhaps a nice and caring person will adopt her. Little Mama....such a cutie.


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Mr. B on :

‘‘Tis a fine and worthy gift - deliciousness.
From the heart, a gift will warm the soul.
Another soul that is no longer running loose.
Thank you, Tatiana - for gently warming the world!

Annette on :

cutie ❤️

RonD on :

Pretty dog, glad u gave it comfort

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