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Hello. I haven't been here for a while because I am trying to deal with and adjust to my new "normal" and that is all I can say for now. But I am still here....and life goes on for all of us even when it's almost too painful to live. It feels like my soul is on fire right now.
I hope that everybody had a nice weekend. Back in the day I used to get anxiety on Sundays....more so when I was still living in Sweden and Sunday night meant that there would be school the next day. That anxiety or more of an uneasy feeling stayed with me for years afterwards and I know that it is a real feeling for many. Some have a really hard time on Sunday nights.....But before you know it the weekend will be here.
Here are some things that I have been doing since I last checked in....
My pretty, so colorful. I have veggies growing....WOW! I gave this big red tomato to my friend Mr.B that happened to drive through here last week on his way to a different destination. Mr.B is so very nice and a tomato is not really a worthy "gift" for such a good friend but that is what he got. We had coffee and talked for hours, it felt good.

More Mom told me that this picture reminds her of when she would pick tomatoes and put them in her shirt, a long time ago when she was a young girl. I miss my Mom.

I found a place with locally grown and organic vegetables.....a super cute place.

That visit resulted in this.....pickled cucumbers! I am bringing two jars to Burning Man.

Yes....I am going to Burning Man. Sixth year in a row now. I am slowly preparing, I lubed the chain on my bike, one of the tires needs air.

I ate at my fave food cart, Ma'ama Jama's. Yummy.

What else? I signed up to volunteer at the Humane Society. But it's not a done deal yet....first there are some formalities and training next month and who knows, I might go in the first day and decide it is not a place for me. You never know. I love animals though.....

We had a pajama party at work all weekend. How many girls dressed for the theme?
Like three. I was one of them. The girls did not want to be without their platform heels and their usual outfits, they felt that they would not make money dressed in pajama stuff and slippers. Yes...those high heels make wonders for legs and butts. I got these slippers at Walmart for $9, they are great. I felt short compared to how tall I am when I wear my seven inch platforms and my feet were happy.
I got a guy kicked out....well the bouncers decided to kick him and his group out after he had mouthed off a bit too much to several girls, I just happened to be the wrong one to get smart with. And he was from Croatia.....yeah no wonder he thought he was being better than the rest of us. I know plenty of people from former Yugoslavia and I can say this....many of the guys from there have a crappy attitude towards women. His friends that were cool, said that he was an asshole in general and he just would not quit mouthing off to me even when I tried to be nice and ignore him. Finally it got kind of heated and the bouncers were like....what is going on here? I stepped to the side and they decided he had to go. Bye.

I got acquainted with this French mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) today, a big and friendly boy - Quincy. He lives with another mastiff and two pugs in an amazingly animal friendly house.
I want to live like that one day.

And that's it. I am not sure when I am writing again. It could be this week or it might be after I get back from Burning Man....I just don't know. I sometimes feel that I have said everything I want to say, that I am done with the blog. I have felt like that this whole year. But then another part of me loves writing, sharing my thoughts and taking fun pictures to go with the writing. Another reason for not wanting to write the blog anymore is that I simply do not want certain people to know anything about me anymore. That is how I feel....not sure what to do.'s almost 1 am and I am going to bed.


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RonD on :

Quincy is such a pretty pooch, and the tomatoes look yummy too. Tomato sandwiches are delicious. I would hope you would keep the blog going, altho I am new to it, I find it interesting on how another person sees life. Reading your blog occasionally opens a different passage to look at life......

Annette on :

You helped me to try to be a Vegeterian... Sometimes I fall off the wagon. If you weren't on here we never would have connected but I understand ❤️

Jim on :

A big atta girl for rescuing that pretty pup. Hope you have a great time at Burning Man.

Julia..... on :

Haven't been checking out the blog.
Sorry. Love bear pajamas.
Love you.
Slim D.

Tati on :

I got the bear pajamas at Trashy Lingerie in LA....I had it made for me. Didn't we go there once?

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