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Today I decided to bring out my frugal side....oh yes I have one of those. When I find change on the ground I get ecstatic!
I am always eyeing the ground for change, hawk style.
Anyhow....Oregon charges a ten cent deposit per glass bottle (not all bottles count though) when you buy whatever beverage that comes in a bottle. I have until now recycled all my glass bottles by putting them in a container outside my place when there is pick up for recyclables. But today I took my bottles to one of the bottle redemption locations and got $3.20 for them. You basically get your deposit back per bottle. So this is what I will do from now on. My daily latte is $4.75 plus I leave a tip of course. All that extra change that I find and bottle money will pay for a percentage of my lattes. Yeay!


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LOL - I know....Yay!
Even better....I raided my neighbors recycling bottle bins last week and managed to get a whole $6.20! That definitely covered one latte. Soon I am going to be out at night raiding the whole neighborhood's recycling bins.

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