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So the night I put up those collages at the club is also the night they got taken down by one of the managers. He took them down after we (the dancers) were gone and put them in the office. I did not work at the club again for almost a week and I noticed they were gone when I returned. I had a talk to the other manager about it (we have two) and he took a look at them and thought that some of the images could perhaps be offensive to some of the girls. ???
I mean, the collages in MY opinion are funny, spot on and relatable and they are made by a dancer so how could they be offensive? If that is considered offensive to one of the other dancers then she must be a very whiny politically correct annoying person in general and I am myself definitely not politically correct. And I sincerely doubt any of the girls at the club would find this offensive.
Manager two pointed out a couple images in particular, one that is called "Menstrual Man" and the other one has a girl doing a pole trick when her baby happens to pop out.
OK, let's discuss those....yes I know that a large percentage of men are scared of menstrual blood (OMG GROSS), in some places women are shunned when they are menstruating and have to go hide somewhere until they stop bleeding. Getting your first period as a girl is often considered somewhat embarrassing and these matters should not be talked about loudly so a drawing depicting a man as a bloody tampon is of course cringeworthy for men. They can't handle it. On the other hand women should looooove getting semen all over their faces, preferably from a group of guys at the same time and we should enjoy swallowing it too, like it's a gourmet meal or something. Newsflash to men......that if anything is GROSS. And that is my opinion and I think majority of women agree. So period blood is disgusting and semen is like a nectar. I beg to differ. Period is natural and there should be no tabus about it.
Now the girl with the baby. First of all it is a joke OK. No baby has fallen out of a womb while a dancer has been on stage. Are there pregnant dancers? Yes of course. In fact we had a girl dancing until she was about eight months pregnant and no guys knew because she concealed it well and she was doing pole tricks. Somehow (I just don't know how) the baby managed not to fall out. In fact she is my absolute fave dancer at the club and she came back a few weeks after giving birth and looks amazing, better than most girls that never gave birth. I doubt she would get offended over the baby drawing.
I stood my ground and brought up the matter of the taken down collages with the owner.
He said he does not believe in censorship, this is America after all. And I was given permission to put them back up, although he too was a bit concerned that some random dancer might get offended. Well guess what, I am offended that you are offended. One more thing that I reacted over was the obvious mansplaining. Here we have men telling women how we should feel and react. I am completely convinced that we can make our own decisions over what we find offensive or not, we do not need a man telling us how to react. We work in an environment that is deemed adult oriented but some manager is deciding on our behalf that some collages made by another dancer might be offensive. Really?
I did have to write some disclaimers stating that the collages are not the views of management. I had no problem doing so. And the collages are back up on the wall.


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Mr. B on :

Good job, Tati.
I think the ground would all be quicksand without relying on you for strength!
You are undefeatable.
And I like the stories!

Tatiana on :

Well....that's nice of you to say. Perhaps not quicksand but a bit mushy.

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