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Comment Of The Day

And the price for the comment of the day goes to "Tyronne Jenkins." Congratulations!

Wonderful vocabulary, amazing grammar and the imagination is just fantastic.
Whomever you are - you have made your Mama proud (probably several times already).
Unfortunately for the rest of us, these are the kinds of folks that reproduce and continue spreading their gifts around. Barf.
"Tyronne Jenkins" please try to understand (if you are smart enough to comprehend) that your words mean nothing to me. I am only highlighting them here to explain to you that you mean nothing. I know myself. Therefore you mean nothing to my white ass. I hope your weekend goes OK because only a troubled and/or miserable person would bother leaving comments like these. I bet you would never say this to my face because you are a pathetic coward. I have encountered a few of those in my life. Now I am not going to waste any more time on you, I have already spent about 7 minutes on this post.
Anyhow. It's Friday, it is beautiful outside and I've had a pretty great day so far. Now I am going to make some dinner for Chhaya and then we are going for a walk. Tomorrow I am going back to Ma'ama Jama's with Desi for lunch and I am already looking forward to that.
This was me last night at Walmart. I had to go and get a sheet of paper for something I am putting together. I kind of want to get one or two heads like these, I think they are hilarious!


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RD on :

I don't believe I have seen that ninja turtle before

Tatiana on :

It's a special edition Ninja Turtle.

Paul on :

Why would someone write that? Is it casual cruelty? Frustration? Mental illness? Social media brings out the worst in people.

Tatiana you are a genuine & nice person, glad you are not bothered by drivel. Keep blogging, your fans enjoy reading.

Tatiana on :

Why? Only the person writing can answer what made him or her (easy to hide who you are online) write that. Women write this kind of nonsense as well.
But as we both know....the world is unfortunately also inhabited by morons and this is a great example of one. Like I already said....the morons reproduce and THAT is scary.
Yes you are media does bring out the worst in people. So easy to feel tough and special online when in reality you are nothing but a coward lowlife. least one person likes my blog! And it is a nice person too! Thanks for reading!

Jeff on :

I LOVE the pic of you in the Ninja Turtle head! ❤️❤️❤️
P.S. Fuck "tyronne"

Tatiana on :

I think I need a bobble head for myself....not sure which one yet.

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