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Last week when I was stopped at a gas station I saw a motorcycle with a license plate that spelled out CHILE. I am not a car or motorcycle person, loud engines annoy me but when I saw a license plate from Chile I got curious. So I walked up to the man and asked him if he had came all the way from Chile...and yes indeed he had. That is so IMPRESSIVE! He did not speak much English and my Spanish is sparse but he did tell me he came from Patagonia and had been to Alaska (hence the stickers) and he said something about Utah, I think that is where he was planning on going next. All alone, solamente, just out seeing the world. WOW!
I told him he was amazing and gave him a thumbs up.
By the way, I asked him if I could take a picture of his license plate and he said yes.
Happy and safe travels amigo!

Speaking of traveling the world....I love seeing the world and of course I would like to experience as much as possible but I have a few places on my must see list (or would love to see list).
Tokyo. Machu Picchu. Uluru. Safari somewhere in Africa so I can see the animals in their own habitat (fuck zoos and circuses = animal cruelty). Berlin so I can dance all night long at Berghain and also visit my friend KISA.
Of course seeing as much of the world and it's people and cultures would be the ultimate dream but I won't go anywhere where I would be in imminent danger due to barbaric backwards views and treatment of women.


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RD on :

Zoo are cruel and should all be outlawed. I never go to them!

Tatiana on :

This is very true.

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