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4th Of July

My 4th of July was spent in Portland. I am still here. Anyhow.....I hope that everybody had a fun and festive 4th.
I don't really celebrate 4th of July that much but we started out with a nice dinner and some beverages.

Then it was fireworks time. Walked on a train track to get a seat across from the Waverley Country Club on the Willamette River.

It's a trolley track, of course the trolley came and went but not while we were walking across the bridge (I was a bit scared because I am scared of heights).

This is what the trolley looks like in daylight.


And that was it. Happy 4th of July!


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RD on :

The pic of you walking away on the track is fascinating. So many titles could be applied, what would you title it?

Tatiana on :

I haven't really thought about a title.....but since my last adventure on a train track last year with Desi I learned to NOT walk on active train tracks anymore. Close call for sure.
This one (pictured) is a trolley track and the trolley moves rather slow. Therefore I was OK with walking across the bridge on the track.....had it been a regular train track I would had stayed off it.

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