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Today I FINALLY got myself some reusable pads, these are called GladRags and are made in Portland. I have been thinking about getting some cloth pads for a looooooong time. I am like that sometimes, I think about something that I should do/get/say but then I don't for a while, sometimes for a long while. Procrastination I guess. I got fed up with the regular disposable pads, they irritate my skin. I got a pad rash a while back and this I loudly announced to anyone that was or wasn't interested. You want to hear abut my PAD RASH!!!? At least I was laughing about my pad rash. Pad rashes kind of hurt.....ouch my poor skin. Hopefully no more pad rashes from now on (and yes I was using "good" pads by Seventh Generation when I got my rash).

My next step might be to get a menstrual cup, I am thinking about it. I don't like to use tampons, I use those as little as possible....only when absolutely necessary. So it might be time to exchange the tampons for a menstrual cup.
That was today's big excitement - getting a cloth pad. A $10.99 investment. Below are some menstrual cups, they come in different sizes. To figure out what size would be best for you there are quizzes you can take like this one for example


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