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Salt Creek Falls

So many hikes to go on and so many waterfalls to see....yesterday I went to Salt Creek Falls. 286 feet, not the tallest waterfall in Oregon though. That title belongs to Multnomah Falls and I haven't see that one....yet.
But first some fruit and water for the trip. I like this mineral water, it is called Gerolsteiner and is bottled in Germany.

Salt Creek Falls is located not too far from Willamette Pass off Highway 58.

Chhaya and Senna came with of course. Here is Chhaya.

And here is Senna.

Me and Senna tried to hike down to the base off the waterfall and we got close but the last 100 feet are damaged due to a rock slide so I decided to turn around since I suspect I would had slid on my behind all the way down had I attempted to go any further......maybe another time. If you have a couple of walking sticks with you going down should not be a problem.

Pretty colors painted the sky on the drive home.


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Mr. B on :

Thank you for painting the internet with your beautiful photos!

Tatiana on :

Thank You Mr.B

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