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A couple of days ago while driving a dog ran past the car. I was waiting at a stop sign about to get on the freeway when that happened. I got out of the car and called the dog but she didn't stop and continued towards the freeway. I got really worried that she would run out on the freeway and get hit by a car so I followed her, passed her up and stopped at the next exit ramp. The dog ran on the sidewalk next to the freeway and I was hoping she would continue on the path, coming towards me which she did. When I saw her approaching in the mirror I got out of the car with Chhaya's leash in hand, crouched down and called for her to come to me. She hesitated for a second but then she came to me and I secured her. Other cars slowed down and one girl rolled down the window asking if I needed help but at that point I felt that we (me & my company) had the situation under control. I always travel with a spare leash and a bowl for water and offered her water that she lapped up. She was scared and tired but she waited patiently next to me. Thankfully she had a tag on her collar with some numbers and we managed to get a hold of the pet sitter.....So the dog's owner was out of town and had hired a pet sitter through a rather well known pet sitting company, I guess the dog ran outside when the front door was opened. It took about 30 minutes and the pet sitter, a very frazzled lady arrived. She was so relieved that the dog was safe and I was relieved that nothing bad happened to the dog. Hugs were exchanged and the dog was taken back home.

Then I found out that Winnie (the dog's name) was rescued from South Korea! Here is part of the text message that I got from Winnie's owner.
"Thank you so very much for calling the Humane Society about Winnie and also capturing her. I'm so happy she came to you. Winnie means a ton to me. She's one of the pups from South Korea. I've had her since she was 4 months old. She's a wonderful dog. Again I thank you so much."
WOW! It made me emotional thinking that Winnie was going to get slaughtered for meat. I am so happy that we happened to be at the right place at the right time. There was no question when we spotted the dog running loose - we were going to do what we could to capture her.
And speaking of meat.....yes it is awful that dogs are consumed as food in some countries and also treated horrible while waiting for slaughter. But other animals are also slaughtered for their meat and treated badly. Plus used to entertain us.....circus animals and animal parks. Being kind to animals is the right thing to do and not eating meat is what's right for me.


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Paul on :

Great to hear the dog was returned. Thank you “Supernova”!

Tatiana on :

Just doing my "duty" as a fellow human being that cares about animals. I know you would do the same.

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