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Here are some pictures to describe what I have been up to lately.
I went back to the beer spa, Hop In the Spa in Sisters. And I probably won't go back again because now I have been there three times and that is enough for me. There are other places to explore.....The last time I went I brought two beers with me for fun. A Polish beer and a German beer (the beers represent the ancestry of me and my BF), the beers were not that tasty so we took a few sips and poured out the rest into the tubs where it mixed with the hops.

I sat by this fire pit a few weeks ago, the same evening that people celebrate Valborg (Walpurgis Night) in Sweden. Good timing!

I planted some lettuce. It's growing a bit (I think), I definitely do not have a green thumb.

I came across this sign going out to Smith Rock and thought it was great.

Refreshments and Pippi.

My latest tea.

Pretty colors at a Farmers Market.

I went to the Bipartisan Cafe in Portland. Super happy to be there by the way.....

Of course we had some pie.


Chhaya met a bobcat.

That is Mount Hood in the background.

Drove up to Timberline Lodge which is located kind of halfway up Mount Hood. I need to go back to Timberline Lodge - a very nice historical place plus I want to meet the Saint Bernards they have there. Skiing there would be amazing too.

Snow in May.

Pretty pics of beautiful Chhaya.

Mother's Day just passed.....Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Right now I am on location somewhere along the Oregon coast since a couple days, I will enjoy it to the fullest with Chhaya for a few more days.....We both love it here.


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Cindy H on :

These are beautiful photos!! I love how Chhaya is having fun traveling around with you. I love Oregon. You are so lucky you get to explore it and enjoy the nice places there.

Tatiana on :

I feel grateful every day. Chhaya loves the beach.
Oregon is beautiful . I wanted to live here since a while and now I do.

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