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I have been outside a lot lately. Oregon is a nature paradise with lush green healthy forests, waterfalls and great hikes all over the place.
Me and Senna on the River Walk close to my house.

Tumalo Falls.

Some other hike we did.....

Went back to the Blue Pool. There was so much water coming into the pool, an actual waterfall so we couldn't hike down there.....going again in a few months.

I love lush forest, this is where trolls and faeries live.

And yesterday we went to Smith Rock.
Me & Chhaya ❤️

And here I am with Senna.

I want to go up and around the whole thing, I think it is 6 or 7 miles. Hopefully soon on a slightly cloudy day, it has definitely warmed up around here.


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Paul on :

Wow beautiful locations!

Nice shot of the four feet! I am happy for you.

Chhaya also has a good friend in Senna - named after “the” Senna?

Tatiana on :

Thank You! ❤️ :-)
Yes....she is named after "the" Senna (Ayrton Senna), nice that you made the connection!
Senna has so much energy, I don't think I have met a dog with this much spark.
I hope your Coconut is well.

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