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Lost & Found

So at the club there is a lost & found bin in a corner. I actually emptied it out last night and rummaged through it because I am missing some pink leggings......yeah I am annoyed over this fact. That I am missing a pair of leggings that is.
In the bin I discovered a lot of interesting items and quickly made it into a comedy show for anyone that happened to be around. First of all a bunch of used and discarded make up, most of it I threw away but there was a rather new eye shadow palette by Urban Decay, one of those Naked ones if you know what I mean. I have one of those and I would not leave that behind. So that one went back in the bin. Mainly the lost & found bin had many pairs of high heels, a pair of boots and underwear.....some visibly worn. Used heels and panties = yummy!
I decided that this bin will be for rent on a weekly basis. I think $150/week is a reasonable price to be able to play with a make up palette, many pairs of shoes and worn panties. Ad on Craigslist about renting this treasure coming soon.

I also found these pills. Decided not to experiment and try any myself. Found a buyer that got all 10 for $50. Great success!

And then look at this find! A Coach bag, I named it "Assault Bag".....perfect for those evenings when people are just sitting around staring at us and not tipping. I will parade around reminding them where they are at with a swift slap across their backs with the Assault Bag. are NOT at home now, half a sleep in front of the TV. Participate by opening up your wallet or go home. Thank You.

Do you have a lost & found at your job? Used panties and shoes in it too or mainly other stuff?
And before anyone reading this thinks that I actually sold those pills for $50. Of course I didn't. I did the right thing and gave them to management. I am funny but I am not stupid.


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