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Spearmint Rhino

The Spearmint Rhino or The Rhino in Las Vegas recently went through a renovation.....well not that recently, I think they finished up last year. I worked there but it is not my fave place to work. Way too many girls any day of the week, that makes it difficult to make money which in turn is frustrating. Too many girls go home negative, meaning they can't make their house fee back. That happened to me more than once. Plus you have to valet your car if you drive and I hate that. So after a particularly difficult night I drove home crying and decided to get another job, which I did the next day. That is when I started working at the cafe. I am no longer in Vegas, which is good.
There are Spearmint Rhino locations all over the US and abroad. I worked at two locations when I was in London years ago.
One more thing.....they have thousands of names of girls in the computer. One person told me there are 12 000 names and the name you want to go by can't be used already. It took me 45 minutes to come up with a name, I was writing down name after name on a sheet of paper and every name I came up with was a no. Of course I could not be Tatiana or does't matter what name I picked. Hopefully I will never work there again.
Anyhow, if you do work at The Rhino good luck to you.


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