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Yuzuru & Alina

I did not watch a lot of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. But GO Norway and Germany for all the gold! GREAT job!
What I know though is that Japan's Yuzury Hanyu must be the cutest guy on the planet. He is perfect! He is human mixed with fairy. I kind of think that the Japanese are the most perfect people on the planet, there is something special about them for sure. Alina Zagitova is a great example of Easter European grace and beauty. I know Putin must be proud.
Yuzuru & Alina are my fave 2018 winter Olympians.

The bullshit that came out of the American figure skaters in some interview is just simply can't compare them to such talent as Alina. They should just go back home to the US, get some of that much needed sleep, cry to Mommy, go eat at McDonald's and work on their skills.
But what I really hope comes out of 2018's Olympic games in Pyeongchang is some form of a positive development in North Korea and the rest of the world. North Korea.....seriously. I feel bad for the people that live there, it is time for a change for them.
I just finished my breakfast and now I am about to start this Sunday.


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