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I coughed up a hairball the other day. A nice sized one too.....LOOK!

With this much hair accumulating in the tub drain every few months I kind of wonder how come I am not bald yet? WTF.
I can't believe how much hair that is. I could make a wig out of it. I definitely have much thinner hair than what I used to have, I used to have really nice hair (looking at pics from years ago I realize this now). Now it is long still but not as nice. And I need a trim. And today is hair washing day. I wash my hair every three days or so, sometimes once a week. It all depends on what my plans are for that week.
This is my latest food obsession, lavender yoghurt. SO YUMMY! I discovered it last week and now I crave it all the time.

Besides this.....I just thoroughly enjoyed an extra hot vanilla latte and a pastry. It snowed even more and I need to drive around in this weather and do some errands. After that I am taking Chhaya out and then I might have time to squeeze in a gym visit. Then I have to wash my hair and get ready and cute because I am going out tonight. YEAY!
It is Saturday and the sun is shining outside and inside my heart. I hope YOU have a nice weekend!


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