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Valentine's Day Recap

Here is a recap of my Valentine's Day for you (in case anyone is curious).....I woke up around 9 am and went to look for a cupcake for my little cupcake Desi. Then I went over her house and left a small present. After that it was latte time, I wore a pink shirt and pink and grey leggings by PINK Victoria's Secret. I love PINK. And some lady sitting next to me liked my outfit too because she complimented me on it.

Then I walked Chhaya. Here is her paw print that she made at PetSmart last weekend.

Chhaya posing with her art.....looking beautiful as always.

In the afternoon I went to the movies with someone. Saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri . That movie has some great reviews and several people I know said it was soooooo good. Me....I was like MEH. The acting is great but as far as a movie goes, I thought it was OK/good but not great. Not like the Guillermo del Toro movie I saw around Christmas, that is more my style of movie.

In the evening I made Swedish pancakes for dinner with strawberry and raspberry jams and whipped cream. I shared the pancakes with someone special. Ate six pancakes and felt full.

❤️ XOXO ❤️ from me.


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Annette on :

Beautiful Chhaya and beautiful YOU❤️

Tatiana on :

Thank You!

Annette on :

Guillermo del Toro Had an exhibit in MPLS last year it was wonderful

Tatiana on :

Oh he did? I would had went for sure.

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