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Natto & Gym

I had nattō yesterday, my first time! My brother loves nattō but I did not try it with him when I saw him last, he enjoyed it by himself while I watched. It is a traditional Japanese food that is very nutritious. Nattō is actually the richest food source of natural vitamin K2. I will definitely eat it again.

I also joined the is time to get in shape. Somewhat at least. I barely exercised all of 2016 and the first half of 2017.....but that is in the past. And that feels good.

Now I want some new gym clothes. I think Puma or Lululemon should sponsor me. DUH.....clearly they should!


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Edward on :

Thanks for mentioning Natto, I totally wasn’t aware of it. Looks like trying some is in my future. :-)

Tatiana on :

You should!
From Wikipedia, "Natto contains no cholesterol and is a significant source of iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, potassium, vitamins B6, B2, E, K2, and more. When Natto is mixed with egg and eaten with rice, Japanese call the dish a perfectly nutritious meal, covering all nutritional needs. Natto is the richest food source of natural K2. Consumption of it is strongly associated with bone health."

Not bad in my opinion.

Landis Mihara on :

Hi Tatiana,
I don't know too many other people that eat Natto. I've been eating it since I was a kid. Most people can't get past the texture. :-)

Tatiana on :

Landis! ALWAYS nice when you check in here.
Well, the stringy slimy part is a bit off putting to me at least, I try not to focus on that. Yesterday I had natto sushi roll at a Japanese restaurant.
Hugs to you.

Landis Mihara on :

I love it when I can get it in sushi.
As long as you keep writing this blog, I'll always continue to read it.
Big hugs to you!!

Tatiana on :

I have been thinking about how long I am going to continue writing the blog....thought about it today actually.
But at least through one more Burning Man.....because I NEED to tell people about my Burning Man experiences.
Thank You for reading my scribbles Landis! We had some fun moments at the Bush Company.
I actually had natto in sushi a week ago.

Landis Mihara on :

We did have some fun times at the Bush! Sometimes I really miss it, but I think it's a few people that I miss the most.
Now I need to find some Natto sushi. ;-)
Keep on writing!

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