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PMS & Tea

A couple of days ago I had BAD PMS.....I was out doing errands, looking for something at Joann Fabrics and Crafts, they did not have what I needed and directed me to another store. When I got in my car I started crying, I had a bad feeling inside my body, mainly chest area all day. It's like an unrest, a crazy feeling. Edgy. So before driving to the next store I headed straight for Shari's, barged in there and ordered two slices of pie and a side of whipped cream that I scarfed down in my car.
Immediate relief. It's good that I don't feel like this all the time, I would need to be on some sort of a medication if I did.....I felt borderline psychotic the other day. And today I am back to normal.

If there is a rhubarb option I will always pick that.....they had strawberry rhubarb and the other one is lemon something.
Yesterday I had tea at Tea Buzz.....I love that place. I picked a black tea as always and opted for a traditional cup and saucer. I like traditional when it comes to tea. So my cup and saucer are from England and the other cup and saucer from Japan - perfect picks by Joanna (owner and hostess of Tea Buzz - she is the best hostess ever).
I will go back soon to experience an East Frisian tea ceremony, it's a tea from northern Germany. I am looking forward to it already.

Yummy and cute. I was sharing my tea time with somebody.

Outside the building.

Bathing in sunshine.


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Annette on :

Rhubarb is my favorite but I would rather not have other fruit in it... I like it just by itself. I wish we were eating rhubarb pie together right now;)

Tatiana on :

One day we will meet and have something to eat together.

Annette on :

;-) yes

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