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Another Visit

Yesterday I went back to Sisters for another visit to Hop In The Spa. But first breakfast, I tried Golden Milk for the first time. The ingredients - turmeric, black pepper, cardamom, vanilla with essence of rose and orange blossom. The taste? OK a bit different from my usual vanilla latte....I feel this concoction is beneficial for your health.

Then we drove to Sisters.

The visit was a disappointment. I have been to Hop In The Spa before, with Desi and we both liked our soak in the hops. This time the water was lukewarm instead of hot. It should be hot. The explanation for the lukewarm water was that the boilers had been replaced the day before and were not working right yet. OK? I would had rather been informed of this prior to my visit so I could had rescheduled for another time, after they had figured out the boiler situation. Soaking in lukewarm, bordering cool water (towards the end of the soak) is not what I had envisioned with this soak.
Afterwards the owner, knowing that the temperature of the water was below what should be acceptable, decided not to redeem the Groupon I had for yesterday's visit and asked me to come back another time and use the Groupon. It IS a nice experience when the water is the temperature it should be, the hops are very fragrant and nice to soak in. I guess I can go again.
As far as Groupon goes...this is the second time I have used Groupon, the first Groupon I used was when I went here with Desi. I signed up for Groupon basically to try this place out.
Afterwards I was in the mood for a latte before driving home. Tried Sisters Coffee Company. Check out the door handles, how neat!


Yesterday's beautiful color display in the sky.


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