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What's going on with Tatiana lately?

What has Tatiana been doing lately?
Hmmmmm, working......racking up new admirers. Discovered a new place to eat, Terra Bella Cafe, Tatianas new favorite place. Good food, fireplaces. Great.
Preparing to be away from Chhaya for 9 whole days while she is going to Las Vegas and LA. This will be hard, Tatiana has separation anxiety. Not fun.
Found a new group to like. "La Roux". Good stuff. Interesting girl, Tatiana likes very, very much. Actually, she is Tatianas new girl crush - yum!!!!
Oh, she also finished Paulo Coelhos latest "The Winner Stands Alone". Tatiana likes Coelho.
What else? Oh just the regular. Admiring herself all day long in the mirror.
Tatiana loves this song right now! You listen! It's by a group called La Roux, really good, Tatiana has a crush on Elly, the girl in La Roux.


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