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I went through some of my photo albums yesterday and found these pics from when I visited Hawaii for the first time. I have been there three times total. Oahu three times and Maui once. The first time I went with my friend Shelley, her two sisters and their Mom. The second time I went with my Mom and brother and the third time I went with Shelley.
So here I am with Shelley.....

Snorkling in Hanauma Bay.

I haven't really travelled that much. When I lived in Sweden we would go and visit Poland but besides that I was a student, busy with school and couldn't really afford to travel I guess.
And now if I go to Europe the priority is to visit Sweden. I have seen quite a bit of the US though, lot of it by driving.
I love to travel and I am willing to go everywhere except the places where women have no rights. I have zero interest in getting raped and killed for not covering up in a sheet or knowing that I have just as many rights as a man.
I have a few places on my must travel list. Tokyo (and my brother lives there now),
Machu Picchu and Uluru.


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