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Monday night......Midnight in a while. I am laying here. Thought I share some of the latest with you.
I signed up for a couple of classes today, starting next week. Wanted to educate myself more in a certain area.

Chinese New Year is coming up in February. 2018 is the year of the Dog. Ranking as the eleventh animal in Chinese zodiac, Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. Eleven is my number and as you all know, I have a very special dog companion.

I saw this today. It is nice. I don't eat animals because I love them but I understand that everybody is different and that we all are in different stages of our own personal development. But we can all be compassionate and kind. Well.....that is not true, not everybody is kind. Some people are just brutes.

I had ice cream this evening. ♡ I could not decide on a flavor and I like all three of these.

And a pic of me. Cause I am just such a delicate fucking flower.

I caught a bit of The Bachelor this evening. I have always thought it is an incredibly lame show. All those girls desperately competing for a guy they don't even know? Or chasing fame? More Instagram attention? Trying to get alone time so they can exchange some saliva and possibly herpes as an added bonus, leave a lasting impression hoping to get a rose and be asked to stay for another episode of humiliation. If I would be on The Bachelor (I would never apply to such garbage but let's just say IF), I would definitely be the most memorable.
Like ever. I would act completely unhinged on purpose and to leave that lasting impression I would kick the bachelor in the balls and show him the middle finger with an insane look in my eyes at the rose ceremony. For starters.
Anyways.....I am going to get ready for sleep now. Meaning take out my contacts and slather on some face cream. Goodnight.


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