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Tea & Escape Room

Went back to Tea Buzz Global Tea Bar yesterday with some friends.

This time I tried the Marco Polo by Mariage Frères, a black tea which was delicious.


Afterwards we went and did an escape room. Have you ever tried it? It is FUN! So here (my location) there are four different escape room options and the difficulty levels vary from a 43% success rate down to 9%. We did a room called "Winter Fall" where we had to locate a hidden hard drive. A 27% success rate and we solved the puzzle with 12 minutes to go! YEAY!

To be honest, one of us had done that same room in the past but she wanted join and she sat back and watched most of the time, she did offer some help but not much. Now we have three more escape rooms to go. It's quite mind boggling.

What else have I been doing lately? I know I haven't been writing here a lot. Since I got back from New Years in San Francisco the blog was down for one week due to a glitch and then I have been busy with something new in my life. All I can say for now is that it is a GOOD busy and I am very HAPPY!


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