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Cat Club

How was your New Year's? I drove to San Francisco with Desi and we went to the Cat Club. 80's music! So Planet Earth at Burning Man is modeled after the Cat Club and I love Planet Earth. Therefore I have really been wanting to check out the Cat we did.
This was my third time to San Francisco, the first time I went to a rave at the Cow Palace to see Keoki play and the second time I went with a dj friend to be his company when he played at a club. I only did minor sightseeing then, Fisherman's Wharf and Amoeba Music where I bought some vinyl. This time I had my car and drove across Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge plus I drove around some in the city and did some sightseeing. And I right away decided.....I LOVE San Francisco - interesting, beautiful and I HAVE to go back, spend a few days, explore and feel the place out some more. My kind of city.
Here are pics from New Year's Eve....

There was a photo booth in the club.....with my fave band.

I grabbed a poster at the end of the night to keep as a memento.

And before you know it the party is over....well at least that party. So we went back to our room and went to sleep. Sometime close to 5 am. Happy New Year everybody!


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