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As you (readers of the blog) probably noticed the blog was gone for this past week. There was some kind of a glitch but it is fixed now thanks (MANY THANKS!) to my friend KISA in Germany. I have zero knowledge in computer code language and it is difficult for me to even grasp it. Although when I talked to hosting support yesterday, the person I talked to told me he was selling cars before he started working with computer related stuff and he learned everything at work. So I guess it is possible to learn but probably not for me. Anyhow, my KISA fixed the blog yet again. I have been wanting to send him at least a thank you card and a small gift to show my appreciation but he refuses, so if I ever make it to Germany I will insist on taking him to coffee or dinner.
I have a few things to write about.....I spent New Years in San it has already been a week. We are one week into 2018! ⭐ HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! ⭐ I have a very good feeling about this new year.
But before I tell you about New Years I have to take Chhaya for a walk and do some errands.
She got a new comfy bed for the car yesterday. So I talk to you later....!


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