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The Night Before Christmas

It is the night before Christmas and me and Chhaya just got back to a warm and cozy home.
I fed her dinner and soon I will take a bath. We were out all afternoon getting stuff done so we can just relax for a few days now.....
Well, all we have to do tomorrow is feed the animals in the park during our walk. Like the birds, squirrels and whatever other animals that might be around.
If you paid attention, many Christmas cards depict Santa Claus together with animals (besides Rudolph). To me Christmas is about giving and caring and I care for animals.
There is a cat in the park we go to.....when the cat and we (me and Chhaya) happen to be there at the same time the cat comes running towards us, tail high up. It knows I will pet it and feed it, I now have cat food with me in the car in case I run into this cat. Today was a cat meeting day.

We delivered food and toys to the Humane Society tree. This was my contribution this year.
I wish I could help all the animals.....but I can't. Maybe one day I will be able to do more.

And here is a picture of my baby.


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