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Well I left Vegas one week ago now and I don't know when I am going back, no time soon I think but with me you never know. Here are some more pics from this last visit....
Las Vegas cold brew.

#VegasStrong Britney style. If you are thinking about seeing Britney's show at Planet Hollywood - stop thinking and get your thumb out of your ass, only a few dates left!
Britney decided that 2017 is going to be her last year (for now). I saw Britney in 2015 - I love her.

Vegas showgirls and myself.

Thank you for visiting Downtown Las Vegas sign. I love the color.

Vegas from a distance.....

I remember the first time I rolled into Las Vegas, a long time ago now. I was with Shelley and another girl, Alyssa. It was like WOW......the first time you see Vegas everything is WOW - it's magical. It really is. I have many memories from Vegas, I have friends there, Chhaya was born there.....I have a house there (still). At some point I will go back. It's only a few hours away by air, longer by car. Bye for now Las Vegas.


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