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This Week So Far

This week so far has been busy and hectic. I want rest, rest in my head. I made sure to watch the annual Victoria's Secret show.....let's see. Candice Swanepoel started off the show right, fierce and gorgeous. Her outfit was WOW. She is WOW. I felt bad for the girl that fell on the runway, Ming Xi. Fell in her own hometown while her Mom was watching the show....
The performers were BORING this year. I think that Harry Styles wants to be Mick Jagger.
Did you know that Mick is 70 something and recently became a Dad again for the 8th time (that he knows of at least) and his latest girlfriend, a different girl than the newest addition to the clan's Mom, is 23. Confusing? I know. Mick has it going on though....
Anyhow....the girls were beautiful (back to Victoria's Secret) but I think the kissy faces at the end of the runway are becoming a boring. How about a middle finger up instead? Just for fun!? Or a silly face....something different? And some of the girls can't walk, the runway that is. Please practice.

How about some local Vegas news. Some guy robbed the Bellagio and he is still a free man. The amount he got away with is undisclosed but I think it is a safer gamble to rob a casino and get away with you winnings than bet on the tables and most likely lose. Perhaps I should rob a casino too?
Then while I was sitting and watching TV relaxing the other night, Breaking News comes on.
A SWAT standoff right around the corner from my house, walking distance. My area is hot (Tha Block Is Hot like Lil Wayne said), a few years ago that Nowsch kid shot and killed a lady around here, I drove past the location going home that night and the police were putting out evidence markers for bullets.
Since I am also Tati News I got in my car and drove over to the action, took less than a minute. Nothing interesting to report, the area was blocked off with yellow tape and police cars. Meh. Tati News drove back home and went to sleep.

The other night I went over to Roxy's house for glögg, snacks and non stop talking for a few hours.

This was the view on one of the walks today with Chhaya.

I spent this evening with my laptop. Watched a Swedish show.....and now it's bed time.
I actually had a rather taxing day today, I am looking forward to sleep and letting my mind and body rest.


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Paul on :

We need more Tati news :-)

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