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Today Tatiana had a facial. She looooves facials. Are you having pervie thoughts now about facials? Tatiana got a facial at a SPA. LOL.
After trying a few spas in Anchorage for facials Tatiana found a place where the service is excellent. Tatiana is somewhat of a facial professional, she knows what she wants, she had good, bad and the in between facials in the past. This place is very good. The products, the touch, the results. It's all there.
If you never had a facial you should try it. It's totally ok for men to go and have facials and pedicures. And it feels so good!
Then Tatiana went shopping for her friend Irelands baby shower.
Today Tatiana was craving chips and salsa, so she got that and some chocolate macaroons to eat at home.
Hope you had a nice weekend!

Facial place


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Alvin on :

Yeah... my head was WAY in the gutter on this one.... BAD Tatiana! *BAD GIRL*!!!!

I wonder if this "Facial place" is hiring?

fun comic:

Tatiana on :

Alvin! I know you are in school but you are not studying cosmetology are you?
Come see Tatiana at The Bush for an interview. YOU are BAD!

Alvin on :

No, I'm not studying cosmetology.... but I know that I can give a pretty good facial.... :3

You will see me at The Bush in time! ;-)

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