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My intention was to write this blog months ago.....but I didn't because of bla bla bla (excuses, lazy, procrastination etc), so here it is. No more excuses and I am not doing anything tonight anyways. 11 pm is approaching, Chhaya is sleeping and I will be up for at least three more hours. And before I get lost in music videos and it is.
So back in March of this year I was working as a barista at a cafe in Vegas. One day I took my coworkers to China Ranch and the mud baths in Tecopa. A great adventure to take people on. And a few days after that I returned with my friend Diane. Everybody loved it - of course.
I am a great tour guide.
Here are the pics. I have several blogs about China Ranch and Tecopa mud baths.
Both located in California.
When I went with my cafe crew it was six of us. It takes about 2 hours or so to drive to China Ranch from Vegas. So if you want to do this day trip, follow my directions to get the most out of it if you only have a day.
Start with going to China Ranch so you can see the place in the daytime, go on a hike (I do the Slot Canyon hike), visit the gift shop, perhaps eat any food that you bring with you or have a date shake from the gift shop, that I believe closes at 5 pm.

After China Ranch you can stop at Death Valley Brewing in Tecopa for a bite to eat and/or a beer. They have a large selection on tap. Make sure to check that they are open first.

Then you can head for the mud baths right outside Tecopa. I like to catch the sunset there.
In our group of six only Stacy joined me in the muddy warm water, yes it was cold and windy but so what. Stacy is from Australia so she is not afraid of anything. My kind of girl.

After the mud baths it is nice and also good idea to rinse off and soak in a hot spring, so drive back to Tecopa and go to Delight's Hot Springs Resort. They have four indoor pools, one of them has an open roof and you can stargaze. I recommend that. There is also an outside area that is very peaceful and's nice to sit there and cool off in between soaking in the pools.

This is a great road trip adventure. Only smiles and good memories afterwards.


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mumintrollet on :

"Crime Wave Engulfs Sweden as Fraud, Sexual Offenses Reach Record

Five of six types of crimes against individuals at record high

Annual Swedish Crime Survey shows increase in past two years

How could that happen...

Tatiana on :

We both know how this could happen.

It is still shameful in Sweden to be against mass immigration and you can be shunned if you have opinions that are not politically correct which I think is frightening. People pretend like this is not happening and if you want to talk about it, have a discussion then you are "jobbig."
I have personally been shunned by friends I've had for a long time because I am opposed to mass immigration and certain things that I do not think belong in Sweden like Halal slaughter.
But I don't give a FUCK. I will be that opinionated rude person I guess.
I am even thinking about moving back to Sweden, enrolling at University of Stockholm (I am a former student) and get involved in politics. But don't hold me accountable for that thought though. Another part of me just wants to drink latte, care for animals, go to Burning Man and just distance myself from humans.
Great example of kind and grateful migrants in Sweden right here.....

"Hedayat Rahmati (24), was one of the eight Afghan men who participated when a young Swedish mother was brutally gang raped an entire night at an asylum center in Sweden.
He was sentenced to deportation, but he is now free on the streets of Sweden, after being released from prison.

- Afghanistan refuses to take him back, said a source in the judiciary, to the Swedish news outlet Fria Tider.

The gang rape, which has been called the most serious offense in Swedish legal history, took place at an asylum center in Mariannelund in Småland in December 2011.
The Afghans had a party and wanted to get "a girl to fu_k". One of them, Rafi Bahaduri, who had been employed as an interpreter by the Migration Board, lured the Swedish woman to the asylum center by pretending that they would fetch liquor.
But it turned out to be a trap. When the woman came into the accommodation, the Afghans threw themselves over her and held her down while they took turns beating and raping her all night - with joy, laughter and applause.
The men raped the woman both orally, vaginally and anally, some times at the same time.
When police found the woman in the apartment the morning after, she was smeared in blood and in a state of apathy. She was injured so severely from the prolonged, sadistic gang rape that she had to sit in a wheelchair and be cared for in a psychiatric clinic for four weeks."

I don't make up news. I wish this was a made up story.

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