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Layer Of Snow

I woke up to a layer of snow outside. Time to dig out warmer clothes and shoes.....The snow melted already but winter is just around the corner. It was Daylight Savings Time today.....I think that practice should retire already. Times have changed since that made sense.
I didn't do much....actually a regular Sunday for me. Met a friend for coffee, took Chhaya for a walk, had plans to go to the gym but both me and Desi decided not to go, did errands, got home and ate (so full now), now I am about to make dinner for Chhaya (steak and boiled carrots) then take her out for another walk. I feel tired.
Like I could go bed and fall asleep. And it's not even 6 pm.
Heard about the shooting at the church in Texas. I don't know what to say anymore, this is becoming an weekly epidemic. They were searching for a motive in last month's Vegas massacre. Look, there doesn't need to be a clear motive all the time, not everybody kills innocent random people in the name of Allah. Some people are just mentally unstable and should not have access to weapons. I can think of somebody that I used to know that owns plenty of weapons and ammunition (kind of like the Vegas shooter, ballpark that amount) who showed sings of grandiose self importance and borderline insanity, especially when alcohol was involved. I am glad I am not around that person anymore. Not my circus, not my monkey (anymore).
So you never know. There are a lot of crazies in this country. Crazies should not be around weapons.


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