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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody out there! I ❤️ Halloween - SO much fun!
Back in the day I used to go to the amazing Monster Massive (a Halloween rave/party) at the Sports Arena in LA but those days are more raves at the Sports Arena.
Anyhow, this year I went to four haunted houses in Portland together with Desi.
It was GREAT!
The first one we went to was called 13th Door. It was GOOD!

Then we went to House of Shadows. My first full contact haunted house experience. And full contact it was! They make sure you fully understand that upon entering and you agree to it all by showing thumbs up on camera. So you can't sue if you defecate yourself from fright or brake any limbs. I think we were quite the popular victims for the people working there that night.
So I got my hair pulled, my eyes covered, head yanked back, pushed & showed, yelled at, thrown onto a table while a large dude in a butchers apron pretended to cut us up (Desi was laying next to me on the table screaming), I was thrown down a slide (a hard throw.....basically like fuck you bitch) and picked up by two guys and put into a coffin and transported into a different room and we had to crawl through a narrow tube in total darkness. It was so much fun! I screamed and laughed so much I was snorting. We survived. I only got one large bruise on the back of my thigh from the ordeal, I thought I would have more. You can choose to quit if you can't handle it. NO quitting for us.

Fear Asylum at the Eldridge Estate. This one wasn't that scary (to me but I like SCARY) but the actors did a really good job and all the proceeds go to the Elks Lodge and they put it all towards helping sick children and families in need.
How nice!

Finally The Fear PDX, six haunted houses in one location. A very long line to get in the night we went and the experience was OK.

Sitting in a hearse looking cute!

I've had so much fun at these haunted houses, great memories!
Tonight is Coast to Coast AM but on Halloween it is called Ghost to Ghost AM. Time to turn on the radio and have some ice cream. Goodnight!


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Paul on :

Happy Halloween! Chhaya looks cute in her costume. Those houses sound like fun - but bruises?!

Assume you like horror movies too?

Tatiana on :

Yes....bruises. Not for a fragile person the full contact haunted house. I can see that some people go in there and leave right away.
I like scary movies....some of them not all.
Happy Halloween!

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