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Party & Portland Again

OK.....I am in bed with a cough. Let me tell you how I got the cough. And I haven't been sick in a LONG time but now I finally got sick. The other night me, Desi and Skyler went to supposedly the party of the year in Bend. A Halloween party located at a brewery warehouse and I usually associate warehouse events with very entertaining rave style I was like cool! You know something like Prodigy's No Good (Start the Dance) video. I was going to be a skeleton last year but ended up going to bed early on Halloween so I was a skeleton this year instead. I had a whole outfit picked out and waiting for me, I slapped on some white and black make up, my first time doing this kind of face painting and since I have an impatient streak I did not spend much time on painting my face.
I looked like this. Living dead girl.

It sure looked like "party of the year" from the outside, long lines of people waiting to get in. And waited we did. With everybody else. In the freezing cold.
For a very long time. Like sheep. BAAAAAAAAA! It was freakin' cold as fuck and the line we were in was not moving, I think we froze for close to two hours. Hence my persistent cough. Many (smart) people got pissed and left but we waited and waited. It hurt to move after a while. Finally they started letting small groups of ten people at a time in. More difficult than getting into Studio 54 back in the day I bet. Now I have been to parties that DESERVE to be called party of the year and even at those parties they were letting people in at a faster pace. It can take many hours of waiting in line to get into Burning Man but at least the line is MOVING, this line did not move for long stretches of time. So when we finally got in I was annoyed. Once inside we discovered that it wasn't crowded so why they were playing games with people that were suffering outside in the cold I don't know, that made me even more annoyed. Then the music SUCKED in both areas, people were pushing and running into others (read me), in general the party was too vanilla for my taste. The kind of party you need to get drunk or do drugs to have "fun". I rarely leave a party early but a bit before 1 I excused myself and drove home. So happy to leave. Then I laid in bed trying to warm up, still cold to the bone, then I couldn't fall asleep for hours, and then I felt feverish and woke up sweaty and with a cough. Yeay!
Here we are, posing like happy little sheep.

The next day (yesterday) me and Desi headed to Portland again. We decided we needed some more haunted house adventures. I love haunted houses and so does Desi. I will write about that tomorrow because Halloween is tomorrow.
But first we needed food. So another friend of mine that lives in Portland, Autumn took me to a place called the Bipartisan Cafe two years ago when I spent a few days there. Well, that is where me and Desi ate too, three times total so far.
We told the girls working at the cafe that we will be back. The pies are AMAZING. Seriously. I am fantasizing about those pies. So we found out that the pies get baked early in the morning by two people that come in and bake. You have to ask about the pies! Two of those went into my stomach.

The latte is good too. I love the Bipartisan Cafe!

Desi bought a whole pie, a three berry pie. Now I wish I had a whole pie in the fridge as well....I really like the raspberry rhubarb.

After that we went to Hong Phat so Desi could get lumpia wrappers, dragonfruit, candy and whatever else she stocked up on. On the other side of the road we saw some sort of Chinese herbal center, I felt curious and I suggested thar we go inside. And so we did.
We opened the door and entered a room full of jars containing powders and roots and I am not sure what else, an aquarium with Koi fish and a large statue of some sort of a goddess. A man appeared from the back and said it was an appointment only place and that he was the doctor. We were going to leave but then he started talking to us and next thing you know, the Chinese medicine doctor is examining our tongues and taking our pulse. According to him I have a lot of fire in my belly. Something about that my spleen is weak too. And I have poor circulation. Yes, my hands and feet are cold a lot actually.
After about 30 minutes with the doctor we left. Interesting! I might actually go for an hour check up next time I am in Portland.
It was then time for some haunted houses, we went to two this trip. And two last week Tuesday. So four total.
Also last week I wanted some pictures of the Portland skyline at evening time, I think it is so beautiful. So close to midnight we drove up to Rocky Butte Park.
The view is great up there but not for picture taking unless you have an amazing camera.

And here is a pic of a part of the city taken while driving. I really like Portland.

After the haunted houses we decided to check out Dante's to see an event called Inferno Cabaret that they have on Sundays. My first time there and I LOVED it, the performers were all very talented, the go go dancers had skills and spunk and the DJ played really good music and he could mix. Plus he played Miss Kittin Frank Sinatra , any DJ that plays that is good in my book. One of my fave songs, it used to be my voicemail back in the day. I recommend that you check out Sinful Inferno at Dante's if you are ever in Portland on a Sunday evening......
A blurry pic of Dante's from the outside.

Then we were hungry, so we went to Tik Tok for some late night food. I had hot tea to try to warm up and potato skins and here I am showing off one of my many skills.
I don't need drugs. As you can see.

Then it was kind of late, past 1 am and we needed to hit the road and drive home. So.....driving along the 26 East while pitch black outside I suddenly spot something in the middle of the road. Two loose dogs running towards the car. OMG.
We stop, turn around, pull over, hazards on. I tie up Chhaya that is going bonkers barking in the front seat. We call the dogs and the large yellow/white lab immediately runs over to Desi. The other smaller black and brown dog still stands in the middle of the road. A truck comes towards us and I thought that was going to be the end for the dog so I start screaming NO NO NO. The dog avoids getting hit but runs off, I go looking for it but it was gone. The lab had a collar on with a phone number and an address but since it was around 3 am nobody answered, so I put the dog in the back of the car and he was so tired. About a four mile drive to the address.
When we get there the place was dark, we didn't want to wake anybody at that time or potentially get shot so we told the dog to go home and he walked down the path to his house, or at least what we hoped was his house. He looked back at us a few times. Then we drove back to look for the other dog. Couldn't find it. I felt bad.
Today Desi spoke to the owner, yes those are his dogs. The missing dog still gone.
I really hope it will get located, poor baby. I will pray to St. Francis of Assisi tonight that the dog will get back home safely. That was not a good situation for the two dogs.
At least one is safe but I do feel very bad for the other one.
I got home close to 7 am this morning......slept a few hours and been up since.
I think it is time to catch up on some much needed sleep soon.


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