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Happiness Is

Happiness is remembering you have a $5 off coupon when you are about to pay.
I got my Mom some hibiscus tea that I will send her together with some other things that I got her. A care package for Mom because she is my Mom. ❤

Happiness is finding a new ginger beer that is quite yummy. Found it at World Market. Oh and the pizza that I ate today, pizza is happiness too.

Happiness is having cuddle time with this baby. She lays down her head on me like this. And I give her kisses and tell her what a good and pretty girl she is, that she is very special and that I love her very very much. Then she got up, ripped an empty ice cream container to pieces and brought me a toy with a wild look in her eyes insisting that we play. She is sleeping now.

And I am going to get in a hot bath now, scrub my body, moisturize, put honey on my face, thick lotion and socks on my feet and curl up in bed.


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Carla on :

It was very nice reading your upbeat and happy posting this morning. Oh yeah, I love to discover that I have $$$ coupons in my purse as I am shopping in a store.
I love Whole Foods and World Market but unfortunately there are none near where I live but I do frequent a Trader Joe's locally which has similar food but usually not a varied and big as Whole Foods stores. When I do go to a Whole Foods I always stop at their bakery counter and get a slice of the so very good Pecan Pie... the best I have ever eaten.
As you know World Market is a neat place with all kinds of things... food, candy, coffees, furniture, housewares.... things from all around the world, and things that are difficult to find elsewhere. I know that your mom will appreciate and love your care package when she receives it. You are a good daughter.

Again, thank you for cheering me up my morning with you happy post.
Have a great day... I know that I will.

Tatiana on :

Better than your pecan pie? Do you make pecan pie?
I like the baked goods and desserts at Whole Foods too.
At World market I will get the Swedish glögg (if they have it) and the German Glühwein (they have that). And some chocolate coffee liqueurs for Christmas gifts.
World Market is a great place.


Carla on :

Well.... almost better than my homemade Pecan Pie. The Whole Foods baked goods are always terrific but I do love to bake and cook and I am pretty handy in the kitchen, plus I enjoy it too... when I bake and cook it is good self therapy.

I had a co-worker that was always on a diet and she had one of the circular slide rule thingys that indicated how much and what kind of exercise you would need if you ate certain foods. She went to the highest setting and it was Pecan Pie above all other things.... 2 hours of lap swimming, running for 3 miles, walking for 6 miles, etc.... but it is well worth the pain.

I remember you writing about Swedish Glögg in one of your past postings. .... and the German Glühwein is a similar type wine drink, correct?


Tatiana on :

Yes the German Glühwein is similar. I will put raisins and almonds in the wine as I slowly heat it (on the stove).

Annette on :

I love this pic of you a Chaya ;-)

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