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Sparkle On The Playa

Look at the sparkle on the playa! No, I did not wear these shoes out there,
I brought them specifically to snap a few pics of them on the playa (Alvord desert). I have a few of these shoe pics throughout the blog.....I should gather them in one spot because some are pretty cool. The shoe pics even have fans! ;-)
And as a coincidence a friend sent me a poem he wrote about me (I am very flattered) the other day and he also happened to give me these shoes. I've had them for a few years now but I don't wear them often.....they are too pretty.
So I present to you.....the sparkly shoes and the poem.

I see her shoe still sparkles
And still with lots of sole
She could waltz right into heaven
If that was her desired goal
But she fights for the voiceless
With a deeply caring soul
She walks the walk without the talk
A much more difficult role
Yes she shuns the easy glamour
Of bauble and pin
I see her hold together
The yang and the yin


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