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Alvord Desert

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Alvord Desert, camped out there on the playa and woke up there today. Camped in my car with Chhaya of course. I traveled there because of a photoshoot, that involved this.....

The photographer had an idea/vison for years and finally it came to fruition.
A more "artistic" photoshoot. I have no idea how the images will turn out, I saw a few of the raw images and they looked pretty cool. He brought a drone so we did some arial photos and we did a few "pretty" images but I honestly looked cold, tired and borderline miserable. I got up at 6 am yesterday and that is very early for me, packed up the car, drove for hours, the temperature on the playa was colder than I had expected. Chhaya was not happy whatsoever to be thrust into this adventure. Since years now she does not like longer road trips at all. And she definitely did not like being out on the playa, she was restless and spent a good portion of last night shaking and panting instead of sleeping. So today I decided that I would not stick around for more photography since it was colder today than yesterday, more clouds and less sun to keep me warm. There is only so much I am willing to suffer for an art sometimes and I like photography. I have been uncomfortable plenty of times during shoots - cold, laying on something sharp, holding my body still in unnatural positions for a long time etc, it is just something you put up with to get a good photo. But today I decided that I would not freeze.
I just couldn't. So I said thank you and continued my journey South.
Here are some more pics from the Alvord desert, a very pretty place, a vast and beautiful playa.
It would be nice to come back when it's warmer. There are some hot springs here too I heard, Alvord Hot Springs but I did not visit.

I ate twice at this place, Fields Station. I guess they are famous for their milkshakes, so I tried the "Triple C" and it was very good but the rest of the food including the coffee was bad. Typical roadhouse food, burgers, fries, lots of American cheese (I do not like American cheese). And I am being polite now, there were so many flies in that place that anybody with OCD or a strict requirement for a clean restaurant would probably be horrified. I saw a lady working there swat the flies dead flat on the counters - barf. But it is the only place around for miles since you are kind of in the middle of nowhere, so you eat where you can.

And now I am in the very exciting (not) town of Winnemucca. Chhaya is sleeping like a little piggy, calm and relaxed. I have an errand to do here of all places in the morning and once that is done I am returning to where I came from yesterday......Winnemucca is located in Nevada, now you know that.

I was going to get gas in Denio Junction today but guess what.....just as I arrived they ran out of gas! So I had to drive back to Fields Station and get gas. Seriously.....WTF.


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