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Life Lessons

I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, when looking through the new releases I saw that THIS dude has a book out. Kevin Hart and life lessons? I don't know what kind of life lessons he might be pontificating about and no I did not look through his book. The funny thing is that Kevin is currently in the news because he is supposedly being extorted because he allegedly cheated with a STRIPPER in Vegas (OMG the SCANDAL) although the girl claims to be a model and an actress, of course she is.....if she wasn't earlier she will be now. Welcome to America.
A sexual encounter or a sex tape with a "celebrity" = instant fame. Funny because I can guarantee you that if I would ever be involved with somebody "famous" there would NEVER be a leaked sex tape/footage or anything of that sort.
It was rumored that Kevin cheated on his pregnant wife a few months ago as well but he denied it, what else? I actually wrote an entry where I talked about it (July 19). And now he is busy being a bad boy again and all people want to talk about is that he cheated with a STRIPPER and how bad this girl is. Hello....what about Kevin?
The funny thing is and I talked about this with another dancer the other day.
Once you are a dancer aka stripper that is ALL people can focus on. You will always be referred to as the stripper. Nothing else matters. It makes some people feel good to try to put somebody else down when in fact they are themselves so miserable and pathetic. Stripper.....whore....this that. But look at YOURSELF first! What are YOU?
Kevin on the other hand cheated on his first wife with the current wife and now he is cheating on his current wife while she is pregnant. Perhaps focus on Kevin and his moral compass and how about the current wife that was OK with being the other woman for a while. She is now getting a taste of her own medicine.
I am that stripper that does not think it is OK to go after men that are already involved with someone else. Why would I want to be the other woman?
Break people up? No thanks.
I have in fact met plenty of strippers that possess way more morals and class than a lot of "normal" people with regular jobs do. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog, to prove to people that the stigma/stereotypes associated with dancers are simply not true the majority of the time. But now I am over proving I am just being myself. If you don't like it.....oh well.


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