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Let me tell you about the effort and ordeal I went through to gather material for this blog entry....I SHOULD get paid to write this blog. It's like a full time job sometimes. Today I spent hours on this.....adventure.
It started at 12 30 pm when I met up Desi and another girl, Skyler to see IT . I read IT a long time ago as a teenager in Sweden. I recall having the two books in the bookshelf and I would puposely NOT look at them when I walked by because they scared me, yes even the books scared me merely by sitting in the bookshelf.
IT is a scary story.
I got the bright idea to take some pics with a red balloon after the movie. So I went balloon hunting this afternoon. I got three balloons.....and drove over to Desi's house with them.
Since it wasn't raining today and we weren't going to look for a storm drain we decided to take the pics on the train track because it has a bit of a scary/eerie feel to it.
We got to the train track and started taking pics. I asked Desi if the trains go by often and she said "only at night". So we are in the middle of the track.....and all of a sudden we hear a LOUD horn blaring behind us and turn around only to see a train coming full speed towards us, blaring it's horn. HOLY SHIT! We got off that train track as fast as we could and the train loudly rattled past us while we screamed and laughed at the same time, I think I hyperventilated as well. WTF!

I can say this much with conviction.....had the train driver not sounded that horn, me and Desi would be dead. We did NOT hear that train approaching, only the horn blaring.
After calming down we continue taking pics. As we were wrapping up Desi sees somebody coming our way and she says...."here comes the police". YES indeed, two uniformed officers walk up to us and ask us what we are doing and then continue to inform us that it is a FELONY to be on train tracks and something about trespassing. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights.....seriously I was like WHAAAAAT?!? I just had a vision of me getting handcuffed and hauled off to jail for innocently taking pictures on a train track, I started thinking about Chhaya and getting bailed out.....We explained that we had seen IT earlier, felt inspired and wanted to take some pics with red balloons.
I wonder what the officers were thinking when they were talking to us.....anyhow. We got off with some talking to. I will NEVER again walk on train tracks unless I have to cross them. I almost died and then I thought I was going to get a felony......FUN TIMES!
So, the pictures! Here are the pictures from our little adventure on the train track or should I say railroad tracks? I'm not sure which one is the right one to say.

A pic of Desi.....

So after that I went on my way and we decided to meet up later for some sweaty gym time. On my way to the gym it dawned on me....ONE balloon, it should had been ONE balloon. I got three at the store because I was going to give one to Desi and do something else with the other two. Not use all three for the pictures (except one pic from the front that I am not showing here).....but when we got down to the train track I totally did not even think about it. So I sent Desi a text.....

Seriously, I have been in a fog since Burning Man. I can be confused and forgetful sometimes but not like THIS. Welcome to the Loser's Club indeed! Then we went and worked out. I had the balloons in my car, so after the workout I just had to get it right. ONE balloon. Here it is.....

I still had a vision of a pic in my mind, the last one with a storm drain. So I set out to find one.
We all float down here..... was the movie? It was OK. Scary and not scary. I liked the acting. Remember it's based on a book and supposed to follow the storyline. If you are scared of clowns you should DEFINITELY see it!


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Carla on :

Let me tell you.... I really appreciate your time and effort that you put into your blog posts. Your dialog along with your artsy and aesthetic photos are informative, interesting and interest-grabbing. It makes my day to read any of your latest blogs.

Your pics on the railroad tracks are very neat, however I noticed that _your face is hidden in each and every picture_.... very interesting.

Wow, I didn't know one get arrested for being on the railroad tracks... perhaps the cops thought you and your friends were about to carry out a suicide pact? I suppose that is something that they always look for.... railroad tracks, bridges, etc.

you stated: "Seriously, I have been in a fog since Burning Man. I can be confused and forgetful sometimes but not like THIS."

I hope that it was not something in that oil in the little blue bottle that you were given at Burning Man !!!! I trust that you are now your normal self and not still feeling like you belong to the Loser's Club.... because I think you are brilliant, intelligent and very expressive, all in a very good way. Beautiful too!!!

I am not planning to watch IT.... thanks for the heads up.
Stay off of the railroad tracks when a train is coming!!!

Tatiana on :

The intention was to hide the face with the balloons for the pics.
I am not trying to hide any black eyes or anything else.
LOL - perhaps there was something in that blue bottle! Like the Matrix....take the red pill or the blue pill.
No I don't think there was anything in the blue bottle but of course, you never know.
The reference to the Losers' Club is a nod to IT , the seven characters in the movie belong to the Losers' Club.

Honestly, sometimes I don't even know why I am writing here anymore (the blog). Every blog I read is written for monetary purposes, had the people not made money blogging (the blogs I read) I highly doubt they would had continued writing.
I guess I really enjoy writing and sharing but sometimes I am thinking that I should stop. I don't think some people deserve to know anything about me, yet they are here checking up on me. (Not you Carla.....other people).

Carla on :

If you feel that keeping up with your blog is draining your mental energy and you don't have the time, by all means you may need to consider some alternate options......

.... HOWEVER, I see your blog as your personal Journal that you may have decided that you want to share with others. If there are those that you don't want to read what's going on in your life I suppose you could make your Blog completely PRIVATE or perhaps share it to specific people on a "friend" basis like a profile on FB. I suppose there are ways to do that with or without a subscription fee.

For your own justification your Blog is obviously a chronicle of (or a window into) your life with your dialog and your pictures.
From my point of view, I am very glad that I came across your Blog this last year.... it is something I look forward to reading often although I may not reply to some of your postings that doesn't mean that I am not reading and not enjoying them.

Certainly this is completely your choice and you can determine how and how much you want to spend your time and emotions on your Blog/Journal.

Tatiana on :

I am completely aware of that it is up to me how much I want to share, write, what pics to put up etc.....
Like I said, I like writing, I like photography....the blog is a hobby, it's fun. It's an outlet for thoughts and observations and to share Burning Man.

Annette on :

You are such a great writer I wish somehow you could get paid for this.....I love the balloon pics especially with the SHOE.....always my fave!

Tatiana on :

Thank You Annette!

Artur on :

Hi, I'm young student from Poland intrested in graphic desighn. Your photos are amazing! Would you allow me to use one of them in my new project that I came up with?

Tatiana on :

Cześć Artur! Sure....which pic do you have in mind? A pic from this blog entry with the balloons?

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